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J47 - Wednesday, December 2: Sahechores – La Bañeza

75.5km – 9H28’
Altitude 781m
This morning, we start in thick fog.  Serge wears his fluorescent vest, so does Joël during refueling.  The sun comes out around 11:00, just before a head wind starts to blow in gusts.  I’m often talking about the weather but it’s because living in the open air for hours on end makes us very sensitive to changes in the weather day to day, even hour to hour.                              
Someone asked me by e-mail how Serge lives his days, and about his state of mind?  Serge is not talkative, he is extremely focused.  He allows himself only one break, where he will lie down for a maximum of 5 minutes.  Today he took this break at km 50 but it varies from km 40 to km 50.  He has resumed the “good?”  habit of eating while he walks, rather than stopping at the van, the way he did when we were in France.
Serge starts slowly in the morning and will say that the first 5 kilometers are the most difficult.  Last night he wondered why he is never bored, even when the landscape is dull and there are straight lines with heavy, annoying traffic like this morning for the first 22 kilometers.  He says his morale is good.  He is experiencing some pain again between the internal malleolus and the right side of the arch of his foot, the same he experienced in France but nothing disabling.
Today there aren’t many hills because we are on a plateau at an altitude of about 800 meters.  There are many “rios” or rivers going from north to south and man has made a considerable number of canals which cross them and which are good for farming in general and in particular for growing corn or maize.  The corn stalks have not yet been cut and for several acres remain as they are, completely dry.
The houses are often made of cob; this region doesn’t seem to be as prosperous as the ones we have already crossed.
Around Valdevimbre, the landscape is enhanced by young vineyards and a wine cooperative.  At the entrance to the village there are caves, some of which seem to be dwellings.  These become the subject of our conversations, as surely they have a history that we will never know.
Serge is tired when he arrives in the evening; the head wind has broken down his resistance.  The expression “metro, boulot, dodo” could be changed for Serge to “run, eat, sleep.”
Tomorrow the stage will be along one road: the LE 125, which will lead us to the gates of Portugal at Puebla de Sanbria.
Buenas Noches

Town : La Bañeza

GPS : N°42.28748° W005.91391°