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J56 - Friday, December 11: Quinta Nova (Exit from Nazare) – Exit from Serra da Villa (south of Torres Vedras)

74.61km – 9H52’
Altitude 50m
Farewells and See you soon
Brigitte and Robert leave us at km 10 at the Oceanside, at São Martinho do Porto.  The scenery was idyllic.  There was a lot of emotion but I think that it will not be long before we see them again on our course.  We were very happy to be pampered by our two friends, who adapted so easily to our rather unusual rhythm, with anticipated meals, early morning starts, long hours on the road without the time to stop for lunch or a snack.
A few hours later, exiting Torres Vedras, I meet Philippe, the cameraman, who arrived a day ago in the Portuguese capital to find good on-site locations…. I hear an enormous shout “Lau…au…au…Re”.  It’s a real pleasure to see him, in good form and closely shaved, our Philippe, “the Bohemian” who gave Serge the nickname “Boss Runner,” which we use constantly.
I continue on the road to Lisbon, while Philippe takes the N8 toward Bombarral to find the Dream Team.
Serge is not talkative; the N8 is not the most pleasant, except for the village of Obidos, a magnificent medieval village with impressive fortifications.
Thrres Vedras, the end of a stage with lots of traffic circles and a superb climb all the way to the village of Serra da Villa, which makes Serge complain, but as long as he grouses everything is OK because grumbling takes energy.
Once again we find grape vines on this route of «the western wines ».
Lisbon has never been so close; we apprehend the crossing tomorrow.  We are prepared for the first 42 kilometers but after that it will be adventure because we have to find the last kilometers that will take us to the Tower of Belem, where we are to meet the students and parents of the French Lycée in Lisbon.  Tomorrow, our first European capital and we are proud that it is in Portugal.
Tomorrow’s course:
Malveira 14.3 km
Santa Eulalia
Pero Pinheiro 32.1 km
Puis la nationale 117
Bellas 42.1km
Tour de Belem

Town : Serra da Villa (District de Lisbonne)

GPS : N°39.04896° W009.27070°