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J63 - Friday, December 18: Marker 62 on the N433 (Province of Huelva) - Marker 15 on the N462 (10km after Brenes)

76.15km – 9H41’
Altitude 64m
The day started with a reinvigorating fog before we reached the N630 and the town of Los Pajanosas, which is a rural village even though it is only 25km from Seville.  We decided not to go through the center of Seville, which has a population of 1.5 million inhabitants if you include greater Seville.  We skirt this beautiful Andalusian city to the north and east, our objective being to cross the Guadalquivir River.  This river, on both sides of which Seville has not ceased to grow, is not easy to cross: south of Seville there is no bridge, only a ferry.  In greater Seville 6 bridges were built in the 130 years between 1850 and 1980 and six more bridges were added  in the 5 years between 1988 and 1992, no doubt to accommodate visitors at  the World’s Fair of 1992
After the fog, rain and bright patches and  huge cloudbursts deluged the roads of Andalusia.  Houses don’t have gutters and the roads don’t have rain sewers so the water from the roofs and sidewalks runs in the gutters along the road to make what looks like a duck pond.  Because of this there could be danger of flooding if it weren’t for the fact that the rain fall in this region of Europe is very low.
So in this place that is normally so sunny, we are experiencing the exception to the rule.  This is obvious because along the road the grass is yellow and parched a sure sign that summer and autumn were hot and dry.
Serge’s stomach no longer aches, the beacon is well packed to withstand bad weather, but we don’t complain because I think that France and other European countries are paralyzed by cold and snow.  We have received news from primary school children who talk to us about Swine Flu and also about soccer “Henri’s hand,” etc., etc.  It’s really nice to keep us up to date and share with us what they retain of current events in France “our dear youngsters”.
Serge has been tired for some days and we think we know why: “I’ve been sleeping badly for a week he tells me.  I sleep less and less well every night.”  Serge gets up 3 times per night to urinate and then he can’t go back to sleep. He hears everything and anything, as if his senses are alert, even at night.  He feels that the endurance race on a daily basis increases the keenness of all his senses.  Maybe he will turn into a werewolf at the next full moon!
René is disappointed because today we didn’t see a rainbow, as is often the case when it rains between two patches of sunshine.  Today the weather was dark in Andalusia, a country known for its sunshine.  We are looking forward to tomorrow!

Town : 5km apres Brenes (Province de Seville)

GPS : N°37.50833° W005.79396°