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J64 - Saturday, December 19: Marker 15 on the N462 (10km after Brenes) – Marker14 on the A 8126 (5km before Coripe)

76.36km – 9H56’
Altitude 288m
It was a stage during which we crossed several small cities:
•    Km 15 Carmona (a superb and very ancient  historic quarter )
•    Km 40 Arahal (typical Andalusian houses with patios)
•    Km 60 Moron de la Frontera (we skirted this city)
Between every city, the scenery changes, as does the road and the mood of the weather
•    The first 15 km, it was dreary and there was rain on a wide and beautiful main road.
•    The next 25 km the road snaked between vast expanses of cultivated land that stretched to the horizon.  There was little traffic.

•    Between Arahal and Moron, the small A8125 road was badly surfaced and the shoulders were neglected.  To this point there was no change in elevation.

•    The last 16 km, the tiny ribbon of asphalt starts to twist and climb up the sides of hills.  There are a few haciendas that watch over their hundreds of hectares of land and herds.  The smallest parcel of land is put to use for stock farming, crops or groves of olive  trees.

Serge is fine, in spite of fatigue and stiffness in the morning and evening.  Except for some chafing between his legs due to yesterday’s rain, everything goes as well as possible.  I know that there are not too many details about Serge in the daily logs but except for the stomach ache which lasted for two days and was probably caused by a chill, his poor sleeping right now, the chafing yesterday and his lack of energy after 8to 9 hours of the race, our runner is in great shape right now.  Obviously, we are limited to commenting on the situation day by day.  It’s an addition of days and sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof and we cannot foresee what tomorrow will bring.  Serge is becoming a day runner and every day is a step toward his goal.  Sergio’s morale is high; he remains centered on his race and reminds us every evening to put our cents in the pig. To him it’s of prime importance that the atmosphere in the support team is good.  Since the beginning it has been a real pleasure to be able to count on Eliane and René, then Joël and René and Philippe, who joins us every so often and who contributes to the good humor of the group.  As some people have written by e-mail “we can tell that there is a good atmosphere in the team,” so that is what shows in these daily logs.
Tomorrow: Coripe – Algodonales – Ronda – that is, the mountains before we reach the Mediterranean coast.

Town : 5km avant Coripe (Province de Seville)

GPS : N°37.01496° W005.42785°