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J66 - Monday, December 21: 9km after Ronda on the N 397 – Coin

74.96km – 10H10’
Altitude 308m
Only 299 days left…It’s the joke of the day because as far as I am concerned I don’t feel like smiling today.  I’m dreaming of only one thing:  a sedentary life for just one day!!!
Because of torrential rain the start was late and for reasons of security we waited for daylight.  The scenery must be gorgeous, especially the descent to San Pedro, but between fog and rain our imagination has to take care of the rest.  After 2 hours of reconnaissance it becomes evident that the N340, which has been baptized or re-baptized A7 (there are two kinds of signs on this road) will be impracticable for a runner.  With the exception of the portion that crosses Marbella, it is 4 lane highway with a median strip, a speed limit of 120 Km/hr (74.5 MPH) and almost no shoulder.  It would be like playing Russian roulette (I’m still astonished that this Mediterranean Coast is not practicable on bike or on foot).  So, the famous plan B:  return to the mountains.  But before that, Pilar and Juan Carlos, a young couple, are waiting for us at the gates of San Pedro where they live, and I talk to them about the 3km of road to Marbella which I feel is too dangerous.  Juan Carlos offers to guide Serge on the road which I will call “the golf clubs.”  Sumptuous residences and homes are watched by security guards who patrol the sector in cars or golf carts.  It’s a bit hilly and longer but so much more pleasant.  We find Serge at the entrance to Marbella at Km42, accompanied by another runner, Antonio.  Juan Carlos stops because his hiking shoes really are not suitable for this improvised running.  Antonio takes Serge to McDonalds on the Ojen road.  The only good thing: we don’t have to guide Serge in the city!
The climb to the pass is made in visibility reduced to a maximum of 30 meters; 2nd chance at Russian roulette.  We are all conscious of the fact that it is reckless to run in such conditions.  Serge ensures me that he is extremely vigilant but a mistake by a driver can happen so quickly – let’s not think of the worst that can happen on a day that is already difficult.  Everyone we have spoken with today insists that it has not rained in Marbella for 10 months and that it never rains in the city more than 3 to 4 days per year.  We are lucky because it hasn’t stopped raining all day and it’s not a Norman drizzle but buckets of water.  Friends, let us not complain, it seem that northern Spain is like Siberia.  Where is my world map, I’m lost!!!
And Serge, soaked to the bone, is so happy on his road.
In the end, we will not go to Malaga as we had originally planned.
Tomorrow: Cartama – Pizarra – Alora – Antequera and 3 cheers for the roads in Andalusia!
This log was written by Laure in a negative mood, which is cancelled out by the positive energy of

Town : Coin (Province de Malaga)

GPS : N°36.64487° W004.74437°